Save Green Save Life

Nature is everything around us. It provides the beauty to our environment. The sun, moon, rivers, nights, oceans, soothing greenery around, the singing of birds and the pleasing turns of weather etc, all are blissful gifts of nature. Without these amazing gifts of nature the human life would have dull and meaningless. Nature is one of the best, precious and noblest gift of God on this planet.

The beauty of nature is always matchless. Nature has placed everything useful, with order and purpose in our life. The examples of nature in lives are; the glowing rivers, the beautiful valleys, wonderful mountains, beautifully singing birds, the oceans, the blue sky, the changes of seasons, the rain, the beautiful moonlight etc. In fact, we can’t count the blessing of nature on human being.

The nature has beautiful varieties on this planet. There are thousands of creatures living on this planet. They all are serving a defined purpose on this planet. No creature is useless or out of value. Every creature, though crawling on earth or flying into the sky, is the beauty of nature.

Mankind is dependent on nature. In fact, it is the nature that has made the life possible over here on earth. We use nature in varying in our life. We are dependent on season, rivers, mountains, birds, tree, plants, fountains, etc in varying ways of our life.

Nature has social, psychological, economical and political value in our life. The mountains protect us, the river feed us, the plants give us the food to live by, the earth sustains us etc. In fact, every creature of nature is very useful for human being.

Nature is our best friend. It has made human life sustainable over here on this planet earth. As an earth, nature is our mother. It is our best teacher. Apart from other value, nature is the best human cure as well. It helps us getting relaxed and entertained. A walk into the nature, in green forest with birds singing and sweet breeze around, touches our spirit.

The beauty of nature is aptly described by many poets, writers and explorers. A walk into the nature, is the walk of joy with unforgettable emotional experience. It helps us lowering mental stress, changing moods, and instilling hope and happiness into us. In fact, nature is the best cure.

It is quite heartening to note that, despite this matchless value of nature, she is being abused by human being. The nature has been repeatedly abused, threatened and destroyed by varying human activities for past a hundred years or more. We are witnessing the nature is falling back due to angry, greedy and lustful actions of human being that are harming the nature.

The conservation of beautiful is what we need today in order to maintain the beauty of nature in our life. We need to spread knowledge and awareness to halt the ongoing process of destroying nature. We need to understand the importance and value of nature. Only in the way of conservation of nature we can assure good future to our coming generation.